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When I read this article yesterday by my friend & fellow newborn photographer, Amy Lantz at  Dragonfly Studios Photography in Chicago, it really resonated with me, so I asked her if I could share it with you! Here’s why…

When my daughter was born in 2009, we hired the amazing Laura Brett to capture her in all her newborn splendor. Since then, I have often pondered what those photos mean to me, particularly compared to what my wedding photos mean to me. (In fact, that experience with Laura, and the images she captured for us are a large part of why I am here today, running my own photography business & specializing in birth & newborn photography. But that’s a story for another day. )

Back to my feelings on wedding photos vs. newborn photos… Both are priceless, obviously. And both capture a moment in time that will never come our way again. But I have to say, the wedding photos simply don’t pack the emotional punch for me that my baby girl’s newborn photos do. So why is it that when you’re getting married,  it almost goes w/o saying that you’ll be hiring a photographer to capture the event, but yet that’s not the case when you’re expecting. Why is that??

For those of you who have had both a wedding and baby (not necessarily in that order!), I bet you would agree that your child’s birth was just as important and life-changing as your wedding. So, doesn’t it deserve to be documented and immortalized in a similar fashion? I think it does! And apparently, I’m not the only mom or photographer who feels that way. (Thanks, Amy!) So, keep reading to hear Amy’s thoughts & experiences on the matter and if you’re expecting, or know someone who is, contact me today to learn more about our maternity, birth, and newborn photography.

The following article was written by & shared with permission from
 Chicago newborn photographer Amy Lantz at Dragonfly Studios Photography.


What is it that weddings and welcoming a new baby into your life have in common? They are both major life changes that most people hire a photographer for– but they cannot be recreated later if the images don’t make your heart sing. Many people want newborn photography, but the cost often dictates the photographer they decide to trust with the task of capturing their brand new little one and preserving those early days with your for when all the adrenaline, frequent sleep interruptions and whirlwind of visitors leave your memory of that magical time a wee bit blurry. I remember searching for a photographer for my wedding– I wanted the best, because I would never hire another wedding photographer… makes sense, right? Yet when my first little one was born, I didn’t hire anyone to capture her with all her newness– little back wrinkles that disappear so quickly, soft baby fuzz, pouty little lips and just how deliciously squishy she was. Do I regret it? Absolutely. I didn’t regret it until recently however, because I didn’t hire a custom photographer for my 2nd, or 3rd babies either– it didn’t seem like it was in the budget, we were new to town and my husband was deployed or getting ready to deploy… I had loads of reasons for not finding someone to photograph our newest family member. Now? Yes, I regret it. Even with my own photography business, I never really understood the importance until my 4th little one arrived and I had another photographer capture him (because really, in that first week being hunched over a beanbag trying to pose him was much less attractive to me than say, a nap!). Now I get it. I have images of him that remind me just how tiny he was– and none of those with my other kids. Sure, I have the pictures of daddy holding them in the hospital, them being held by siblings, laying in the crib, etc… but none of those snapshots really captured the little newborn details that custom photography does.


When considering a newborn photographer, cost is understandably an issue– but maybe it shouldn’t be the most important one. You need to love your photographer’s style, because the results from your session will be what you use to remember this time in your life when your little tiny baby is scoring his first soccer goal or driving away in her first car. Your photographer needs to be someone with a personality you mesh with– you will be spending at least an hour or 2 sitting in the same room as your newborn is photographed, there may as well be the opportunity for good conversation! Your photographer should be someone that operates legally… business license, pays taxes, insurance, does everything on the up & up. Why is that so important? If they are running their business professionally and above board, they are invested in providing a high standard of quality– both in products and in ethics (you have to be committed to it when you watch the bulk of session income go to the tax man, the insurance man and the business licensing office!).

When searching for a photographer to document this unforgettable time in your life, I try to encourage people to choose the right photographer for them based on the photographer’s style, the products & packages they offer, and their personality, rather than just their cost. There will always be expensive photographers and cheap photographers, but what is most important is that you love your photographer’s work, because that is what you will have to remember this time in your life by.

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