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St. Patrick’s Day has always been a revered and much-celebrated holiday in our house. But despite all of our years of merry-making, we have never been paid a visit by one of the “little green men,” as my mother-in-law & sister-in-law call them. You have heard about the visits from the little green men, right? Well, if not, don’t feel too badly; I never had either until I married into Clan McGinnis. So here’s the skinny: each year on St. Patty’s Day, Leprechauns hit the streets in search of some mischief. In fact, these sly little tricksters are well-known for playing  pranks of all sorts and sometimes they even leave a little treat behind! So, after hearing my nephew talk about the shenanigans he has witnessed at his house for the last several years on St. Patty’s Days, we’ve been doing our homework to see what we can do to lure a leprechaun to our house. Turns out, there are some fun ways to up your chances for a leprechan visit, but be forewarned, if they do come by, you are in for some very silly shenanigans! I’ve heard of milk turned green, furniture overturned, and trails of little green footprints left all over the house…. Check out The Fickle Pickle,  Happy Home Fairy,  and Katherine Marie Photography to see some of these antics in action and find out how you can try to lure a leprechan your way this St. Patty’s Day! ; )

If you’re wondering why this post is a little off-topic in terms of the usual photography fare, it’s b/c I’ve been thinking… you know, at Heather McGinnis Photography, we are all about capturing memories & we love to inspire you to capture your own in ways or moments you may not always think of (like in this post). I’ve had so many of you tell me that you really enjoy reading the blog for posts & tips like this. So, I thought it might be cool if from time-to-time, I shared things my family is doing to create memories, that your family might enjoy as well. They may not be photography-related, but I guarantee they will result in some really great photo ops. : ) So let me know what you think. If you like this post and wouldn’t mind seeing more like it, let me know!

Here are a few shots of our little McCutie from last year on St. Patty’s Day. So amazing to see the difference a year makes between 14 months and 26 months old… Makes me think I should maybe start offering a “Baby’s 2nd Year” package like the one we currently have for “Baby’s First Year.” But mostly, it just makes me grateful that the “everything-I-touch-goes-straight-into-my-mouth” phase is finally over. : )


Toddler eating Shamrock on St. Patrick's Day | Greensboro Toddler Photographer


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